Points & Rewards

We would like to offer extra gift appreciation for the customer. Hence we provide the points system for customers to get their points and redeemed the items they wish for FREE.

Rewards Item

We would love to order variety of items for customer to redeem which will give more choices to the customers.

Gift card

We have start to provide the Gift card services to the shop for the customer to use the gift card to shop or give to friends as a gift.

Gift & Redemption

Visits our Redemption counter in Vision City, Gordons and Hohola and get your redeemed items at your own choice from Gadgets, household wares, fashion and a lot more. Enjoy…

Term & Condition

1. These rules govern the collection and use of points and set out the terms of the contract between Wantok Rewards Limited (“us/we”) and each participant in the Wantok Rewards Program. A participant can register with the Wantok Rewards Program by applying for a Wantok Rewards Card and can then earn points on various purchases at Program Partners. If you apply to register with this program or use of card you accept these rules.

2. To be eligible for a Wantok Rewards card, applicants must aged 18 and above. And must maintain a Papua New Guinea postal address.

3. The applicant must fill-out the application form, and have it activated either at the redemption area or log-on at www.wantokrewards.com.pg. Applicant must change his Card Pin number through the said website for security purposes and verify their registration to the Wantok Rewards Program. Note that there will be one registered Card per person and valid within Papua New Guinea only.

4. The Registered Cardholder has the responsibility to keep their personal details updated. If the Cardholder personal information change and failed to notify us, Wantok Rewards is not responsible for non-notification of other benefits and promotions to the said card holder.

5. Wantok Rewards Card is non-transferable

6. The Cardholder should renew his/her membership every year upon its approval. Non-renewal will automatically forfeit the points.

7. Points should be used to redeem within one year from the time of its accumulation. Otherwise, the same will be forfeited.

8. The Wantok Rewards card is issued by, and remains the property of Wantok Rewards Limited, which reserves the right to decline an application, suspend or withdraw/cancel the use of the card. a. Reasonable grounds for withdrawal or cancellation include: (i) Any abuse or attempted abuse of the Card or the Wantok Rewards Program; (ii) Any use or attempted use of a Card in a manner contrary to these Terms and Conditions; (iii) Any use or attempted use of Card for purchases made by a person other than the Primary Cardholder, without the latter’s consent; (iv) Any reasonable suspicion of dishonesty of a Cardholder in connection with the Wantok Rewards Program; (v) Supply any misleading information or representation; (vi) Failure to comply with the Terms and Conditions set-forth herein. b. Any tampering or defacing or unauthorized use of a Card will render the Card invalid and may immediately be withdrawn from the registered list.

9. Staffs of Program Partners are not allowed to use their Wantok Rewards Card during working hours and strictly not on customer’s purchases.p>

10. To earn or redeem points, a participant must present the card to their cashier/ server before any transaction. You will not be able to obtain or redeem points by giving the Card to your cashier/ server after the end of the transaction.p>

11. Points earn by the members defend on the Program Partners’ promotion. Further, we may alter the method and rate at which points are awarded, and all other products that may qualify for earning points at our discretion.

12. Points cannot be exchanged for cash nor can they be transferred to another account. And can be redeemed exclusively by the REGISTERED CARDHOLDER only. Furthermore, points will expire within 24 months if not claim or redeem.

13. In case the card is closed or cancelled the respective account will be closed and the points will be deleted. Moreover, Wantok Rewards Limited reserves the right to cancel any card which is not used within a period of 6 months.

14. Redemption of points is allowed to REGISTERED CARDHOLDER only. The presentation of Wantok Rewards Card along with personal identity card, passport or driving license is essential for the redemption of points. Wantok Rewards Limited reserves the right to deny the redemption of points in cases of misuse of the terms and conditions or if the Wantok Rewards Card is discontinued.

15. The Cardholder is not awarded with points for the amount paid along with the redemption of points.

16. If after purchasing goods on which points have been awarded, a participant subsequently obtains a refund from us for the goods. At the time of the refund, the points awarded on the purchase will be removed from the participant’s Card. Similarly, if a participant obtains a refund on goods purchased in whole or in part by redeeming points, then all or part of the refund may be given by re-awarding the participant the points which they used.

17. Credit as a way of payment is not acceptable. This includes but not limited to Purchased Order or the like.

18. The Wantok Rewards Card cannot be used as Credit Card or as guarantee of personal cheques. Wantok Rewards Limited bears no responsibility in cases where a card is misused or used for purposes beyond those set out in the Wantok Rewards Program.

19. In the event of change regarding the Goods and Services Tax (GST). The Wantok Rewards Limited reserves the right to amend prices as well as points earned in Wantok Rewards Card.

20. The conditions of use stated on the reverse of the Card form part of the terms and conditions although in the event of any conflict the terms and conditions contained in this agreement shall prevail.

21. In case of lost or stolen card, Wantok Rewards Limited is not liable thereof. However, the Cardholder must immediately notify the Wantok Rewards Limited, and pay the corresponding fee for card replacement if ever Cardholder wants to continue with the program. The points balance at the time the card was lost or stolen will (at our sole discretion) be transferred to the new card.

22. We may amend or terminate the Wantok Rewards Card Program or amend any of this terms and conditions (including the value points), at any time by giving notice: (i) Program Partners (ii) On our website; (iii) By sending an email to participants who have chosen to receive further communication from us.

23. The following serves as a Privacy clause; (i) The Registered Cardholder consented to the use of their personal details to Wantok Rewards Limited to operate and provide the Cardholder with membership benefits and all other privies from Program Partners; (ii) The Registered Cardholder also consented to use their personal details to assist in planning, developing and researching product and service offerings involving the Program Partners: thus; (a) We may seek the Cardholder participation (on a purely voluntary manner) in advertising campaigns, launches, customer testimonials and products tasting; (b) We may seek feedback on the Wantok Rewards Program including Program Partners; (iii) The Registered Cardholder consented to disclose their personal information to those participating company of Program Partners, where our disclosure is for the purposes of the above uses to which you consent.

24. Decision taken by Wantok Rewards Limited regarding operation of the Wantok Rewards Program and the terms and conditions of this, are non-negotiable and binding to all Wantok Rewards Card Holder.


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